Vision & Mission



To be the pivotal and premier Financial Services Company for the development of Rail Transport Sector while maintaining its symbiotic relationship with the Ministry of Railways.



To make IRFC one of the leading Financial Service Companies in the country, for raising funds from the capital market at competitive cost for augmenting railway plan finances, duly ensuring that the Corporation makes optimum profits from its operations.



In achieving the mission, the objectives of the Corporation are:

  • To mobilise resources through market borrowings from domestic as well as Overseas Capital Markets at the most competitive rates & terms as per annual targets given by the Ministry of Railways.
  • To explore use of innovative and diverse instruments for raising funds so as to reduce the cost of borrowings to the Company.
  • To provide timely funding for acquisition of Rolling Stock assets for use by MOR.
  • To leverage the Company’s business advantage the large size and diverse activities of MOR is to efficiently provide customised professional services at competitive cost.
  • To explore the possibility of financing CPSEs and other entities for creation of rail infrastructure so as to sustain future growth and profitability.
  • To make judicious use of derivatives and other emerging products for risk mitigation at appropriate time and optimum cost.
  • To strive for high quality service to the investors, lenders and other financial intermediaries and to action prompt redressal of their grievances/problems.
  • To ensure optimum utilization of resources.
  • To enhance professionalism amongst the employees of the Company through training and other human resource tools.