VENDOR REGISTRATION

Active Tenders

S.No Tender Code Tender Title Submission Date Status Download
1 IRFC/SEC/ E-VOTING /2024 Appointment of agency for providing E-voting services for general meetings/ postal ballot & VC/OAVM facility for General Meeting(s) for the calendar year 2024 Open
2 GEM/2024/B/4908809 Appointment of a Service Provider for Comprehensive Annual Maintenance and Technical Support of IRFC IT Infrastructure Open
3 Bonds/2023-24 Appointment of Trustee for the bond issues to be launched by IRFC during next three Financial Years i.e. FY 2024-25, FY 2025-26 and FY 2026-27 Open
4 IRFC/Insurance Tender Document/2023 Renewal of Directors & Officers Insurance (D&O) including entity security Closed
5 Admin/Procurement/2023-24 Engagement of Service Provider for Outstanding of Support Service under various Categories(Consultants, IT engineers, Associate Finance, Retired Govt. Employees, Sr. Secretarial Assistant, Receptionist etc.) for Indian Railway Finance Corporation Limited Closed
6 Admin/Procurement/2023-24 Engagement of Service Provider for Outsourcing of Support Service for security Guards, MTS, Housekeeping Staff and Driver for Indian Railway Finance Corporation Limited, New Delhi, Vide GEM Bid No. GEM/2023/B/3749043 Dated 09-08-2023 Closed
7 No. IRFC/Cobra & Letter Head Printing/2023-24/LTI Purchase of Cobra File with Logo & Content Printing and printing of IRFC letter Heads. Closed
8 IRFC/ 54EC Bonds / 2023-24 Limited Tender Enquiry from market to obtain quotation for purchase & supply along with printing of IRFC 54EC Bond Certificate Closed
9 No. IRFC/Admn/160Nol.lX/AR (2023-24) Corrigendum for Financial Bid for Printing 36th Annual Report (2022-23) Closed
10 No. IRFC/Admn/160Nol.lX/AR (2023-24) Corrigendum for Technical Bid for Printing 36th Annual Report (2022-23) Closed

Tender Awarded on nomination

Name of the Firm Awarded to Description of work Date of Award Value of Award
M/s RailTel corporation Implementation of ERP and other business modules along with servers for cloud hosting and DR services 02.05.2022 Rs. 20.81Cr plus GST

Annual Procurement Plan